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Poor Man's Heuers

This section will include information about the chronographs that Heuer manufactured for other brands, where the other brand was less expensive than the comparable Heuer. Examples of the "poor man's" Heuers include those manufactured for

  • Aristo
  • Clebar
  • Hamilton
  • LeJour
  • Sears and Tradition, a brand sold by Sears Roebuck
  • Tourneau, the retailer that also markets its own "house brand"
  • Zodiac

We point out that in this section, we use the term "Poor Man's Heuer" only to refer to chronographs manufactured by Heuer for other brands. We do not cover other brands that were imitating the Heuers, on their own, the so-called "Look-Alikes" or "Knock-Offs". We also do not cover the brands where the timepieces make by Heuer sold at approximately the same price as the Heuer (for example, Abercrombie & Fitch).

These "poor man's" Heuers represent an interesting facet of Heuer's history and also provide a sensible way for individuals to collect these chronographs on a more reasonable budget. Collectors should also be aware that these "poor man's" Heuers offer the unscrupulous the opportunity to convert a lower value watch into a higher value watch. An Aristo or Zodiac can become a Heuer -- Daytona or Carrera, respectively -- with the mere substitution of a dial.

As an introduction to the Poor Man's Heuers, have a look at these three chronographs -- one real Carrera and two Poor Man's Carreras. All were manufactured by Heuer, and the components are very similar in quality, but the Carrera was sold under the "Heuer" name, another was sold under the Zodiac name and the third was sold by Sears Roebuck, under the Tradition name. Click on the image below for additional information about these chronographs.







Poor Man's Carrera (Valjoux 7736)

Poor Man's Carrera 12 Dato -- White-on-White

Poor Man's Carrera 12 Dato -- White-on-Black



Poor Man's Carrera (Valjoux 7736)



Poor Man's Pasadena


Tradition / Sears

Poor Man's Carrera (Valjoux 7734)



Poor Man's Carrera (Valjoux 72)

Poor Man's Carrera (Valjoux 7733)

Poor Man's Autavia (Valjoux 7334)

Poor Man's Camaro (Valjoux 7734)


Look-Alikes and Knock-Offs

In this section, we present chronographs that were manufactured by companies other than Heuer and that appear to have been designed to look like the comparable Heuer models. While there may have been dozens of chronographs that were designed to look like the Heuers, we have selected samples that bear a strong resemblance to the Heuers. These brands generally sell at a discount to the Heuers, and for the collector who likes the look of the Heuers but wants to spend less on a chronograph, these brands might represent a good way for collectors to move into the world of vintage chronographs. Example of the "Look-ALikes" include the follwoing brands:

  • Belair
  • Nivada Grenchen
  • LeJour



Belair GMT


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