The definitive online guide to Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces
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Guide to Stopwatches

a.Pocket Chronographs

b.Split-Second Timers


d.Ring-Master Stopwatch

e.12-Hour Stopwatches

f.60-Minute Stopwatches

g.30-Minute Stopwatches

h.Supersport Stopwatches

p.Specialty Stopwatches

Throughout its history, Heuer produced stopwatches for a broad range of applications, including industrial, science and sports timing. Any comprehensive presentation of Heuer stopwatches is beyond the scope of this web site.

In this section, we will present a selection of Heuer stopwatches, include those that are specifically designed for timing races and rallies. Following are

  • Heuer's line of pocket chronographs, which included both a time-of-day clock and a split-second timer
  • Heuer split-second stopwatches ,
  • Heuer's line of 12-Hour stopwatches, and
  • certain other interesting or unusual Heuer stopwatches.
  • We are launching OnTheDash with coverage of only a few stopwatches and will add to this section as this web site is developed further.

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