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Other Brands -- Hanhart

OnTheDash will cover a limited number of vintage timepieces used for timing automobile races and rallies that were manufactured by companies other than Heuer. Certain Hanharts, Omegas, Minervas and Longines stopwatches were used for sports timing, and specifically automobile races and rallies.

We begin this section with some photographs and information relating to the Hanhart Ferrari Duostop timepieces, manufactured by Hanhart for the Ferrari racing team in the late 1950's. Currently, we show four different models of these Hanhart timers -- the Addi-Stop, Duo-Stop, Tri-Stop and Two-Stop -- and would welcome any information about these timers, as well as photographs of additional models.

a.Hanhart AddiStop

b.Hanhart DuoStop

Inside the Case

c.Hanhart TriStop

g.Hanhart Two-Stop

v.Various Hanharts

Hanhart was a German manufacturer of watches and timers, known specifically for producing high quality pilot's watches for the German military.

In the late 1950's / early 1960's, Hanhart produced a distinctive line of timers for the Ferrari factory racing team, known as the Duostop timers. Each model of the Duostops consisted of a combination of two timers, fitted into a metal case. In this metal case, the timers could be used as a handheld timers, worn on a neck-strap or mounted on the dashboard of the car. The Duostops combined a clever design, some unique engineering and a superb quality of construction, all to provide a useful timing device for the Ferrari racing team.

The unique feature of the Duostops was the system of pushers that controlled the timers. In the Two-Stop, these pushers function as follows:

  • The largest pusher -- at the top center of the case -- simultaneously pushes the crowns of both of the timers.
  • Each of the crowns -- knurled crowns centered above each timer -- controls the crown function of one of the timers.
  • Each of the smallest pushers -- one to the side of each timer -- controls the split-second pusher located to the left of each timer. The button to the right of the case controls the left pusher of the right hand timer through a system of two levers enclosed in the case.

The Duostops appear to be unique among vintage rally timers in several respects. They were manufactured for Ferrari and represent an early instance of co-branding a product for a motorsports team. (Remember that in the early 1960's, Grand Prix racing teams were not lending their names to consumer products.) Additionally, the Duostops were designed to be used in multiple modes -- handheld, on a neck-strap, on a timing board or on a dashboard.

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