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We divide this section of OnTheDash into two pages -- one section showing some genuine Heuer jacket patches, from the 1960's / 1970's, and the other showing what are believed to be recent reproductions.

The reproductions began showing up on the internet in late 2001, with single patches selling for over $100.00 (for a short while). As the flood of these patches continued, prices quickly declined, until they were struggling to fetch $5.00. The stories that accompanied the patches invariably involved an "old mechanic" who had put the box of patches into his desk drawer in the 1960's and an "auto jumble" where they were recently discovered.

a.Real Ones

b.Find the Fakes

When put-side-by-side, it is easy to tell the real ones from the modern-day reproductions: both the cloth and the thread are entirely different from those used for the old patches, with the differences even more apparent when you examine the back of the patches.

The best way to be sure that a patch is genuine?? Find it sewn onto an old jacket, with some vintage hair grease around the collar and a few other old patches attesting to its age.
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