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Heuer introduced the Sebring – its dash-mounted split-second timer – around 1960. Sebrings utilized two movements – until 1967, they utilized the A. Schild 1564R movement; after that date, they were powered by the Valjoux 7711 movement. Sebrings using the earlier 1564R movement are easily identified by their asymmetrical pushers; the left pusher (which controls the split-second hand) is closer to the crown than the right pusher (which resets all hands). Throughout its life, the Sebring was available in both a Standard model (also called “seconds only”) and a Decimal model (which added an outer track to show hundredths of seconds).

Click on the photograph of either model shown below to see additional photographs of that model.

For information about the relative values of the Sebrings, go to Sebring on our Values page.

1.Early Sebring

(1960 to 1967)

2.Later Sebring

(1967 to 1975)

3.Comparisons of Sebrings

The unique feature of a split-second timer is that what appears to be the second hand actually consists of two hands – (1) a thicker, primary second hand that runs throughout the event that is being timed and (2) a thinner split-second hand that can be stopped for a reading, and then catches up to the primary hand and continues moving with it, until it is stopped again for another reading. Whether powered by the A. Schild 1564R movement or the Valjoux 7711 movement, functions of the Heuer Sebring are as follows:

  • start and stop all hands (and "continue on") by successive depressions of the crown; crown provides "time-in" / "time-out" function

  • left pusher controls the split-second (thinner hand)

    • push once to stop the split-second hand, while the primary second hand continues

    • push again, and the split-second hand catches up, and continues moving with, the primary second hand

  • right pusher – pushed only when timer has been stopped (by the crown) -- resets all hands
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