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The Master Time has the longest history of any of the dash-mounted Heuers, tracing its history back to the Hervues of the 1930s, bearing the name "Master Time" from the late 1950's and continuing in production through 1985. While the dials changed considerably over the years (as shown below), the mechanical Master Times were powered by three basic movements over the years.

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(1933 to 1958)

2.Early Master Time

(1958 to 1967)

3.Late Master Time

(1967 to 1975)

4.24 Hour Master Time

5.Plastic Master Time

6.Comparisons of Master Times

A summary history of the Master Time is as follows:

  • 1933: Hervue 8-day clock (also marketed under the name "Hervue Junior") introduced as companion to the Autavia; powered by Revue Thommen GT movement (two-barrel); numerals 1 through 12 on dial; second hand at bottom of dial (6:00 o'clock)

  • next version of the dial has "Hervue" name above Heuer logo

  • next version of the dial has Heuer logo above the words "8 days"; second hand remains at bottom of dial (6:00 o'clock)

  • 1958: "Master Time" name above Heuer logo at top of dial; "8 Days" at bottom of dial; dial has numerals 3-6-9-12; Revue Thommen 63 movement; double-barrel; center seconds (thick second hand); hack feature

  • early 1960's: Arogno 28 movement; single-barrel; center seconds (thinner second hand); hack feature

  • 1968: dial has numerals 1 through 12

  • 1968: GMT / 24-hour version introduced (hour hand makes one revolution in 24 hours)

  • 1975/76: plastic case introduced

  • 1981: quartz movement introduced

  • 1985: Master Time discontinued

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