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Heuer introduced its 60-minute dashboard stopwatch in the early 1950's. The first models were listed as “Auto Rallyes” in catalogs and other literature, but only had the “Heuer” logo on the dial. Early Auto Rallyes matched the Hervues and Autavias of the period, with a chromium-coated case and screw-on bezel. A single button (pusher) to the left of the crown controlled the Valjoux 62 movement. From 1958, the Auto Rallyes were redesigned to incorporate the A. Schild 1564 movement and to match the other dashboard Heuers of the period, with the pusher moved to the right of the crown. The final versions of the metal-cased Auto-Rallye used a thicker case and a Valjoux 7710 movement, with the Auto-Rallyes spending their final years in plastic cases.

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For information about the relative values of the Auto Rallyes, go to Auto Rallye in our Values page.

a.First Auto Rallye

(mid-1950's to 1958)

c.Second Auto Rallye

e.Third Auto Rallye

(1958 to 1967)

g.Fourth Auto Rallye


m.Comparisons of Auto Rallyes

Functions of the Auto Rallye are the simplest of any of the Heuer stopwatches:
  • start the timer by pressing the crown
  • pause the timer ("time-out" / "time-in") by pressing the crown; may use time-out / time-in function repeatedly

  • stop timer by pressing crown

  • reset minute and second hands to zero by pressing pusher (whether on right or left)

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