The definitive online guide to Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces
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Guide to Heuer Dash-Mounted Timepieces

Click on the photograph of any model to go to the Main Page for that model. On the Main Page for each model, you can review a history of that model, see the variations of the model, and read a description of the functions of the timepiece.


12-hour stopwatch (1933-1958)

Auto Rallye

60 minute stopwatch

Master Time

8 day clock (1933 to 1985)

Monte Carlo

12-hour stopwatch (1958-1985)

Other Models

for Aircraft and Boats

Rallye Master

Master Time and Monte Carlo pair (1933-1985)


split-second stopwatch
(1960 to 1985)

Super Autavia

dashboard chronograph
(1958 to 1975)

v. Accessories

back-plates, patches,
holders, desk sets, boxes

x. Other Brands

z. Fakes

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