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Bundeswehr Chronograph -- Main Page

Walter Allan Manning has written an excellent pictorial review / overview of the Heuer Bundeswehr chronographs, showing the numerous variations produced over the years. You can view his article through the portal (at the bottom of this page) or click the link to view this pictoral review of the Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph in a new window.

To understand the Bundeswehr chronograph in the larger context of Germany military timepieces, we recommend Konrad Knirim's superb book, "Military Timepieces -- 150 Years Watches and Clocks of German Forces", which we have reviewed in a separate article.

Special thanks to Walter and Konrad for providing the background and many of the images for the following section.

a.Leonidas Version

b.First Heuer Version (3H)

c.Second Heuer Version

d.Sidereal Version

j.Sinn Version

m.Cal 12 Prototype

p.The Movements

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A pictoral review of the Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph and it's many dial variations

Special thanks to Walter for letting us link and have a portal to his work. Using the portal method, allows Walter to update his work easily so that the latest version is available here!

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