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Carrera 45 Dato -- Main Page

Heuer introduced the Carrera 45 Dato in 196X, as the first chronograph to have a rotating disc for the date. All Carrera 45 Datos have first execution dials (thin, flat polished steel applied markers) and first execution hands (thin polished steel hands, with luminous inserts). Movements are Landeron 189. The Dato 45s use the "60's Style" Carrera case, although the case-back is modified to accomodate the slightly deeper Landeron 189 movement. The crowns are unsigned (i.e., they do not have the "Heuer" logo).

  • The first execution has a red date at twelve o'clock, with the twelve o'clock markers being shortened to allow for the placement of the date window.
  • In its second execution, the date window has moved to nine o'clock, and the markers at twelve o'clock are returned to their full length.

Ref 3147 Early Black

Ref 3147 Early White

Ref 3147 Later Black

Ref 3147 Later White

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