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Carrera 12 Dato

The Carrera 12 Dato is one of the most sought-after of the vintage Heuer chronographs. Some interesting facts about the Carrera 12 Dato:

  • first catalog appearance is circa 1968; here is page from 1968 Chronosport catalog

  • called the "Carrera 12 Dato", the name "Carrera" does not appear on the dial, and the Dato does not use the Carrera case; note difference in the lugs

  • rarest model has white dial, with black registers; next is the black dial with white registersl; white-on-white is most common version

  • the Carrera 12 Datos use a unique case that is designed to be opened from the front, by removing the crystal. The case-back can be removed, but the movement is generally accessed from the front.

  • Heuer made the "Poor Man's" versions for Zodiac and Clebar; white-on-black Clebar is almost idential to the Heuer; white-on-white Clebar uses distinctive case

  • all models are powered by the Valjoux 72c

a.Ref 2547SN

b.Ref 2547N

c.Ref 2547S

f.Poor Man's Dato 12



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