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First Autavias -- Manual Wind Movements, Screw-Back Cases

The first Autavia chronographs, introduced by Heuer in 1962, used manual-wind movements (Valjoux 72 or Valjoux 92) and screw-back cases. Shown below are the two styles of screw-back cases, the first execution case being used from 1962 until around 1966, and the second execution case being used from around 1966 to 1968 (at which time the Autavia moved to a snap-back / compressor case). At a glance, it is easiest to differentiate the first and second execution screw-back cases by the bezels, with the first execution having a wider bezel and the second eexcution having a thinner bezel.

1st Execution Screw-Back Case

1st Transitional Screw-Back Case

2nd Execution Screw-Back Case

Compare 1st 2nd

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