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1960s Chronographs -- "Pre-Carrera" and "Economy" Models

Here, we cover some of the models that Heuer produced prior to 1962, when it began using names for its models (such as "Autavia" and "Carrera"). We also show the "Economy Series" models that Heuer continued to produce in the 1960s, after it began producing the Autavia, Carrera and other models with names. For information about the "Economy Series" of chronographs, see our Reference Table covering the Economy Series.

62.Reference 3641

62.Reference 3645

68.Reference 7721

68.Reference 7723

68.Reference 7725

70.Reference 73321

70.Reference 73323

70.Reference 73325

70.Reference 73423

70.Reference 73623

71.Reference 73373

71.Reference 73473

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