The definitive online guide to Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces
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Variously referred to as either Pocket Chronographs, Pocket-Wrist Chronographs, Early Wrist Chronographs or Transitional Chronographs, these are the timepieces that marked the transition from pocket chronographs (designed to be carried in a pocket) to wrist chronographs (to be worn on the wrist). We will use the term "Transitional Chronograph" to refer to a chronograph that is based on a pocket timepiece (particularly in terms of the size of the movement and case), but has bows attached so that it may be used on a strap. The bows may have been produced at the factory or they may have been added by a jeweler, during the process of converting a pocket timepiece to a wrist timepiece.

a.Transitional Chronograph

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